Do you sense a calling to serve the Lord in Europe?

We have great opportunities for anyone who feels called to serve the Lord in any capacity in Europe.

Here are just 7 ways to follow the call:

1. Be a part of a SHORT-TERM MISSION

Be a part of a short-term mission (This is a great way to get a “taste” of ministry in Europe)

2. Serve for a season as an intern ...

Serve for a season as an intern in one of our churches which offer these (This is a great way to “test” your ministry call to Europe in a European context, without yet making a longer term commitment)

3. Ministry Apprenticeships

Some churches also offer “Ministry Apprenticeships” for those with some prior vocational ministry experience, to help them acclimatize to a European ministry context in order to evaluate a longer term calling.

4. Get a job or study in a city

Get a job or study in a city where we have a church, and use your serving and ministry gifts to be a part of what Jesus is doing there.

5. Join a new church planting team

Join a new church planting team, either medium or long-term.

6. Partnership support

If you are an experienced vocational minister on Partnership Support in any capacity, consider applying to join the staff of any of our churches – there are great opportunities to take on some very rewarding ministry roles all across Europe.

7. Lead a church plant ...

And finally, if you are called to lead a church plant anywhere in Europe, get in touch with us right away!

Who to contact?

If you have a specific church in mind – see the list of Europe Churches here – then simply contact them directly via the details on their website to see what opportunities they offer.

Fill in this form here and we will respond to point you in the right direction to take your next step.


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